Mindless Sound Records,LLC Very Own Greg L. Hines Wins two Film Awards.

Sep 14 2020

At This years "Best Shorts Film Festival" Greg L. Hines Won "Award Of Recognition" And An Award for "African American Video". The Winning Video is for the Mk836 song "Girl In The Mirror" and stars frequent collaborator Vernae Taylor.
"This is our first win although we have been nominated many times worldwide at various film festivals"... The whole team at Mindless sound records,LLc and the newly launched Sound Mind Films are very proud and ecstatic beyond belief...

check out the video at


Sound Mind Films And Mindless Sound records,LLC Releases First Full Length Feature Film "Against The Grain"

Sep 14 2020

Sound Mind Films the Film Division Of Mindless Sound Records,LLC Has released "Against The Grain". "Against The Grain" is the full length feature film debut of Award winning Film Maker Greg L. Hines (COO/Senior Music Producer/Senior Audio Engineer at Mindless Sound Records,LLC). "Against The Grain" Stars Mindless Sound records Artists Lyrical Justifier (Stephen C. Sebastiao), D-CYPL (Christopher T. Collins), Brother Noyze The Mad Musician (Greg L.Hines) and frequent Collaborator Vernae Taylor. The crew face life and it's many challenges including career, family and romantic relationships. "Against the Grain" is Exclusively On Prime Video.

Mindless Sound Artist's Working On A Feature Film

Jul 20 2019

Mindless Sound Records,LLC Senior Producer and COO Greg L.Hines (Brother Noyze The Mad Musician) Is Directing, Producing And Staring In his first feature film along side label mates Lyrical Justifier (Stephen Sebastiao) and D-Cypl (Christopher Collins)... There are several female leads including frequent collaborator Vernae Taylor. Vernae starred along side Lyrical Justifier in both the "Pain For Love" and "Loved Me" films. "This feature film is a continuation of both my previous films" states Hines "but you don't have to see them first, this feature can easily be viewed as a stand alone"...

Mindless Sound News

Jan 18 2019

D-CYPL one half of Hip Hop duo Jersey Advocates and
One half of Electronica/Trip hop duo Mk836 released two
Hip hop Eps January 4th,2019 For The Cause and For The Cause : Remixed
Both Eps are available for download and streaming everywhere (iTunes, google play, etc)
He is currently working on several music videos to support the Eps Brother Noyze (Greg L.Hines) will direct

Also In Mindless Sound News : The Legion Of Rhyme will be releasing it's debut single "Ego Maniacs" February 1st , 2019 Internationally through all digital sites for download and streaming...!!! A video will follow soon after
(Directed By Brother Noyze (Greg l.Hines)